Buddy Guard Storage Case

Looking for even more customizable protection? Our hard shell case also comes with the option of key lock and password lock styles, ensuring your valuables stay secure at all times.

And to take your organization to the next level, our case features pre-cut customizable foam inserts. You can tailor the foam to the exact shape of your items, providing an extra layer of protection and preventing any movement within the case. This feature ensures that your valuables are not only safe from external factors, but also from any potential internal damage.

Upgrade your protection and organization with our hard shell case – the ultimate solution for ruggedness, air-tightness, water-proofing, odor resistance, key lock and password lock styles, and customizable foam inserts.



Designed to keep the air from escaping and passing through.

Water Resistant

Designed to resist the penetration of water and liquids.

Odor Proof

Designed to reduce and eliminate the aroma or odor of your products.

Shock Proof

Designed to resist damage when dropped or knocked.

Rust Proof Hinges

Designed to resist corrosion by rust on the hinges.


Designed for your privacy and to protect your valuables.


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