The best storage solution to keep your valuables safe.

Versatile and discreet, these storage cases have been designed to keep your valuables safe and convenient when you are on the go. The cases include fully-customizable, pre-diced foam inserts that you can easily modify for your recreational essentials.

BuddyGuard is a brand new storage option. It offers two different lock styles, key or combination. Both units are airtight, smell proof and water resistant. They are extremely durable and are the newest and the best storage option for keeping your valuables safe. The units also feature rustproof hinges and a select-a-size foam insert for keeping your delicate items safe during travel.

These units are perfect for transporting, storing and keeping your things safe and away from prying hands and noses at home or abroad.

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Buddy Guard Original


Designed to keep the air from escaping and passing through.

Water Resistant

Designed to resist the penetration of water and liquids.

Odor Proof

Designed to reduce and eliminate the aroma or odor of your products.

Shock Proof

Designed to resist damage when dropped or knocked.

Rust Proof Hinges

Designed to resist corrosion by rust on the hinges.


Designed for your privacy and to protect your valuables.

Buddy Guard Glass Kit

Includes all of the Buddy Guard Original Features PLUS +

5.5 Glass Bong

14MM Flower Bowl


Multi-Directional 37 MM Carb Cap

6MM Terp Pearls

7ML Glass Concentrate Jar

Stainless Steel Dab Tool